Susan Kazlow Friedland

Susan inspired by Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum, NYC 2014


Susan Kazlow Friedland graduated from Oberlin College and took masters’ level courses at the University of Georgia, Massachusetts College of Art, and the Atlanta College of Art. Subsequently, Susan pursued a successful 10-year career as a photography teacher.

In 2001, after taking some time off to start her family, Susan decided it was time to dive back into the world of photography. She was very quickly rewarded for her efforts. In 2002, Susan received first place in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Travel Photography Contest. Since 2002, Susan’s work has been featured in shows and galleries across the United States.

Susan is known for her ability to capture the unique beauty often overlooked in ordinary imagery.  Her photography is emotion provoking and elegant in its reverence for ordinary objects and scenes. Susan was most recently selected by Anna Walker Skillman of Jackson Fine Art for her photograph “Equs”.